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November 20, 2021

romantic kiss shot next to arches

I’m in a mood right now. It’s a sappy, sentimental mood. I’m reflecting on all the blessings I have in my life and, honestly, my cup overfloweth. It sounds mushy, I know, and trust that behind the scenes there are some not so great things happening over here as well but for the most part? I really can’t complain too much.

my cup overfloweth with beautiful maternity clients

Periodically I get on this little platform of mine and wax poetic about how much I love my job and how newborns and maternity just fill me up to the brim – and this is going to be another one of those posts…so buckle up.

downward shot of pregnant belly and happy couple

My Cup Overfloweth – Kindess

It’s just – how many times can I girl get so lucky with clients that are so perfect (ok, “perfect” because, you know, #human, but you get my meaning). Over and over, my ideal clients find me. They sprinkle joy through my heart with the absolute delight they have in the families that they’re creating and I get to come along for the ride. I mean, it almost seems unfair how much I love what I do.

my cup overfloweth with beautiful pregnant clients

Ok, so Kayla and John (*swoon*, perfect together and the nicest, kindest humans). She’s a nurse, he’s a trauma surgeon – I mean, two people devoting their lives to caring for others – and they somehow found and chose ME to document Kayla’s pregnancy (not once, but *twice* and zomg the photos are STUNNING, are they not??) and their newborn days. My cup overfloweth, for real.

maternity photos on tree lined driveway

My Cup Overfloweth – Trust

I’m gushing, I get it. Refer to paragraph one. But stick with me. Kayla and John reached out about a maternity session and ended up booking my Belly to Baby package. She then emailed me – even BEFORE we had met the first time – and broached the idea of a second maternity session:

couple giggles into an embrace

John has been so supportive and in love with my pregnant body and it got me wondering if you ever do more of a…1:1 maternity shoot to capture the essence of the pregnant mama?

pregnant mom holds belly in sunbeam

Um. Say no more, I am there. Yes please. This is now three sessions booked, sight unseen, no work delivered, and they already trust me that much. Not only is this a huge honor but it’s a gigantic responsibility and one that I take *so* seriously. It became my life’s mission to make these sessions utterly magical for this family and I’m not lying when I say that Kayla and John made my job *so* easy.

husband and wife hug pregnant belly during sunset

Just look at the way Kayla gazes at her man. They totally brought the smoke and the fire to their first maternity session – I almost felt like a voyeur at times because they have a way of insulating themselves from the world and wrapping themselves up in their own little love bubble. And, oh, the magic of their photos. The emotion was there, the light was phenomenal, *they* were gorgeous and so in love and giddy over the unborn baby that they were expecting (whose gender was unknown, btw, what a special surprise they had waiting for them 😍😍😍 ).

my cup overfloweth with arched architecture

My Cup Overfloweth – Gratitude

Every moment of my time with them was exactly what I envisioned in my head. Not only that but their appreciation of the photos was so validating. I’ll share more in subsequent posts but suffice it to say, I believe we both got so much out of the time we shared together and so, yeah, my cup overfloweth.

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