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Cake Smash

October 5, 2021

cake smash details

Cake smash details – who knew they were so important?? I was looking through my blog offerings on what I’ve posted about cake smashes…and realizing that, although I feel like I do one every week, that’s not represented in what I’ve published. So I’m on this big push now to put out all the cake smashes I’ve done this summer. It may feel a little redundant in my feed for a while but when I have a mom looking for a boy-themed cake smash and all I have out are baby girl smashes, well, something’s gotta be done 😜 (and, of course, this one is another girl 🤣 🤣 🤣 )

first year portraits on white bed

I share a lot of this information when I’m doing my consult call but I thought I’d share some cake smash details on the blog as well because my ideal client is all about the details (in an on-top-of-it kind of way, not a micro-managing kind of way, ha! I have the best clients). Today’s blog will be about the studio cake smash.

baby claps and smiles

Cake Smash Details – The White Bed

My home studio is in my basement. I have it set up to have two main shooting areas (three if you count where I pose newborns but we’re not counting that today 🤪) – I like to do the first set of portraits on my white bed area. It’s got a boho theme with lots of light coming through two windows and sheer curtains set up on one side – very light and airy. I love to plop baby down on the bed and shoot from all different angles, not only to get a lot of variety for mom and dad but also to keep baby interested with all my moving around.

During this time, I have mom or dad situated right behind me so that baby is looking “at the camera” at all times. It means a lot of zigging and zagging for parents – because I’m all over the place – and we’re all sweaty by the end but no one has ever complained about getting TOO many great photos! Cake smash details aren’t just about the cake…I love getting close-ups of baby hands and toes while they’re still dimply and cute. The bed set-up is perfect for that!

Outfit choice should be whatever you want to see in the photos – a cute romper or dress for the girls or something dapper for the boys!

baby makes faces at cake smash session

While we’re still on the bed, if mom and dad want to jump in for a few shots, this is a good time to do it. It’s not the hugest space so plan to get real close and snuggly but the close shots are always the cutest ones (especially when dad looks at mom like this…)! Notice also how mom and dad are dressed in light-colored outfits –> that really helps with the light and airy feel. If you choose dark colors, the photos will feel much darker and heavier.

Cake Smash Details – White Flooring

The other shooting area for a cake smash session is my white flooring, which is surrounded on three sides by white curtains. Yes…it’s a lot of white. Don’t come to me for dark and moody…you’re going to be disappointed 🤣

I like to throw down a coordinating piece of fabric for baby to sit on, initially, and shoot some more portraits on the flooring before the cake smash itself. For girls, sometimes mom will bring fresh flowers to scatter around and I often pull out my pearls for them to play with. For boys, a timeless wooden truck or other wooden toy is fun for them to play with on the floor.

Balloons are always appropriate for either gender and most parents like my wooden crate set up with gender appropriate layers and my letters that spell out ONE.

baby in pink cake smash details

Cake Smash Details – The Main Event!

After the portraits are finished (and we move QUICKLY because attention spans are short – not just talking about baby here, either, ha! Looking at you, dads), it’s time for the cake!

I do ask that parents provide the cake and we discuss that in our consult phone call. While baby’s outfit is getting changed to something that shows belly and toes (#CUTE), I’m setting up the cake and grabbing a shot of it by itself – you know, before it gets demolished.

Once babe is ready to go, I have mom or dad position him/her behind the cake, enough so that he/she has to crawl to it…it’s super fun to see the expressions on the approach and to get the first interaction with the cake.

baby crawls in pink dress

Cake smash details are some of the most fun details to coordinate and, as you can see from the photos, Sophia had a blast at her session!

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