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June 15, 2021

Ready to see some sweet Howard County Conservancy photos? It’s about time for this location to start being a presence on my website!

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I should start out this blog by stating that family photos are not my wheelhouse and I typically pass on any family session inquiry I receive. I specialize in birth, maternity, newborn, and first year milestone photos –> this is what I do best and what fills my cup whereas family photography is just not as fulfilling to me. There are usually so many moving parts that I find it difficult to capture all the relationships equally and authentically to that relationship. It’s just personal preference – just like some photographers *only* capture weddings and steer well clear of newborns. However, sometimes there are special situations that arise and this one was it.

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Our story started over a year ago when Melanie contacted me about doing a family session. Her husband’s job was transferring them to England and she wanted to do family photos in Maryland before their move. The main detail from her inquiry that attracted me was that she used to be a wedding photographer. It’s always a privilege to be asked to do photos for another photographer because they know quality when they see it and because they typically arrive dressed beautifully and know how a photo session goes down. Because of Covid, the session got pushed to the Fall of 2020 and, at that point, there was another chapter to the story: Melanie was expecting Baby #3! The family session, ironically, turned into a family maternity session, which put it smack in the middle of my wheelhouse, and we enjoyed the sweetest evening together capturing her with her husband, their two little girls and the pregnancy!

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Fast forward to winter, after baby Genevieve had arrived. The move to England had been pushed back to the end of May and Melanie reached out again for one final photo session documenting the entire family along with baby Gigi. I suggested Howard County Conservancy photos because it was different than our original location last fall and because I purchased the Conservancy’s 2021 photographer’s pass and plan to use it a lot to get my money’s worth!!

mom kisses baby girl at Howard County Conservancy

Howard County Conservancy photos are guaranteed to be beautiful and full of variety because there are so many different areas on the property. There are several barns, a garden area, a rooftop deck, charming stone walls (that, ironically, look a lot like the area where this family is moving), lots of trees, grassy hills, and on and on. I knew this would be a great spot to photograph this family and now Melanie has TWO sets of family photos in a year’s time to document not only their years in Maryland but also their growing family ❤️

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