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July 17, 2020

I’m sitting at swim team practice (some of my most enjoyed times this summer, I’m finding – breezy, summery, the sounds of my and others’ kids getting good, healthy, wholesome exercise, no one needs me for an hour – HEAVEN) committed to spend this entire hour blogging. It’s the never-ending struggle for me. I like to write – and once I get started, I find it easy to do – but carving out the time and motivation to sit down and do it is hard for me, especially now. I guess that’s the reality of being a newborn photographer during Covid.

I’ve been fortunate. There were lots of necessary cancellations during Covid. Newborns don’t keep and many clients had their hearts set on an authentic newborn session so that a 2 or 3 month milestone just wouldn’t do. So I lost a fair amount of business after a winter that BOOMED with bookings. But, somehow, that business has continued to boom even as we still struggle with Covid. Thankfully Maryland businesses have been permitted to open and stay open. I am booking newborn sessions left and right – it’s like the pent-up demand has burst the dam and I get two or three inquiries a day sometimes. July is all booked up and August is well on it’s way. That’s the reality of being a newborn photographer during Covid.

I have the “planner-aheaders” reaching out about winter due dates so I’m scheduling maternity and newborn sessions for December and January/February (thank you, “planner-aheaders”). I also have some “last-minuters” reaching out wanting a session ASAP and it break my heart every time I have to say, “I’m booked”. I truly am booked for July – some people (Me. I’m some people.) would say over booked. Three sessions a week has been the norm for July and that’s not three maternity sessions, that’s three newborn sessions. Three three hour newborn sessions. Not complaining, just stating. My kids are starting to pout when I tell them “I have a session today”. I’ve started booking my newborns for as early in the morning as the parents will consent to so that I can still have most of the day to mother my ducklings. They are really very good ducklings (I love elementary age – they’re young enough that they still need me but old enough to be able to handle their business when I’m not around) but they are noticing that they’re seeing me less and, when I am “around”, I’ve got my nose in a computer, editing. That’s the reality of being a newborn photographer during Covid.

I’ve got a maternity session scheduled for tonight. It’s going to be the hottest night of the summer, so far (followed by a string of days that will make up the hottest week of the summer so far). It will be a two shower day and I’m okay with that. Because maternity. Have I mentioned yet (two thousand times) how much I love this life stage?Motherhood/maternity/birth/fresh48/newborn – it all lights me up. From the perfectly posed newborn sessions in studio to the frantic, hectic in-home lifestyle sessions with busy toddlers – it all sets me on fire and has me pinching myself that this is my job. Thank you, Jesus, that this is my job.

So. Here I am sitting at swim team practice, blogging. I totally set out to write a completely different blog but this ^^^ is apparently what wanted to come out of my brain. My frazzled, over-scheduled, grateful brain. Apparently, that’s the reality of being a newborn photographer during Covid.

And now that I’ve completely dumped my thoughts out and have nothing more to say, I’ll show you some pictures of sweet Lorelei…my first Lorelei (which makes me think of teachers who see a lot of the same names over and over and must be excited when there’s a new one added to the mix). I did her session in the middle of June, my 2nd lifestyle session wearing a mask since starting back to work and, while the mask wasn’t so much fun, her parents sure were and I’m delighted that they purchased a First Year Membership so that I get to see them at least two more times and watch sweet Lorelei grow!

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