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May 18, 2020

At my newborn sessions, I get the privilege of photographing the most wonderful families.

As a Maryland newborn photographer, I have photographed a lot of new families. Some families are welcoming their first baby and the house is neat and tidy with the decorating on point and the focus on a new mom and dad with nothing but time to gaze with love at their precious new arrival. Other families are welcoming their second, third or even fourth little one and the session is less about “perfection” and more about containing all the moving parts. No matter if it’s your first or fifth baby, as your Maryland newborn photographer, I’m ready to capture it all in a way that will best tell the story of your family at that moment in time.

newborn boy flashes dimples at Maryland newborn photographer

So how to control all those moving parts?

Trust me when I tell you, I have mostly seen it all when it comes to photographing Maryland newborns and their families. I’ve got a list of tips and tricks to ensure that you get the photos you’re dying to have even in the midst of all the chaos!

Maryland newborn photographer makes collage of in-home photo 

Don’t let them in on the secret.

First and most importantly, never let a child know how important these photos are to you. Your entire goal should be to pretend that I, the photographer, am not even present. Rather, you should be 100% focused on making this the Best Day Ever for your little(s). Snuggles, tickles, book reading, silliness should be present in spades. If something goes awry and the inevitable tantrum occurs, do not lose it yourself. A young child will feed off the stress he feels in the room which will just lead to more behavioral issues. If behavior goes off the rails, use this time to quiet everything down. While you are cuddling and hugging and nurturing, I will be in ninja mode, snapping priceless memories of these quiet moments that otherwise might not ever be documented.

Ask a friend to play tag team.

It’s a great idea to bring in a family member or close friend to be another set of eyes on bigger siblings. In a newborn lifestyle session, I like to spend time capturing mom and dad together with the new babe and this is a great time to let the big ‘uns run off some energy in another part of the house. If Aunt Linda is around, they can safely be turning the playroom into a war zone and mom and dad can remain blissfully unaware.

Don’t forget the snacks.

It’s just a known fact. Crashing blood sugar is a thing and if you can head it off at the pass by having some animal crackers or veggie straws tucked in a drawer, things are just going to go a lot more smoothly. I’ll usually take the opportunity to focus on the newest family member when her big sibs are having their mid-morning snack. I can quickly get some great shots of the newbie in her crib or framed in great light on the master bed without losing any momentum at all. Then once the older bunch is fueled up, we can focus on getting some great sibling shots.

Cooperation isn’t mandatory.

This goes along with not letting them in on the secret that mom reeeeally wants these photos. If your oldest is throwing a fit and does NOT want to be involved, Don’t Make Her. You are absolutely guaranteed that grump-face will be forever immortalized in your newborn’s photo debut if you require her participation. Instead? IGNORE HER. Yup. Ignore her. Let her retreat in her funk and let it go. In fact, have even MORE fun after she’s gone. I guarantee you, she’s going to see how much fun the rest of her pack is having, living it up without her, and she’ll rejoin when she’s ready. And when she does come back, I’ll be ready with some silly prompts (find your baby’s belly button! tickle his foot! is his head stinky??) that will ensure she’s completely forgotten that she didn’t want to be there just a short while ago. Trust me that you would rather a short space of time without her in the photos than an entire album’s worth of her crankiness.

Maryland newborn photographer coaxes smile from grumpy toddler

Thanks for reading!

Hugs, Liz (your friendly Maryland newborn photographer)

Liz Viernes Photography is based near Clarksville, Maryland, and specializes in maternity, fresh 48, posed and lifestyle newborns and first year milestone portraits.

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