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Cake Smash

October 9, 2019

A big trend these days is the one year cake smash photo session. Picture this: you’ve spent all year making decisions about the best way to teach your baby about food. The first six months were all about milk: whether you breast or bottle fed, the goal was to nourish your baby enough so that she gained enough weight, slept through the night or hit whatever growth milestone was next on the charts.

One year old baby poses for photos before the big event: the one year cake smash
Portraits before the cake smash capture baby looking so sweet and clean 😂

At about six months, the focus turned to solids. Finger foods, purees, oatmeal or veggies or fruits, to buy prepackaged food or make your own, those were the big debates. And, as new parents, I bet you were consumed for awhile, trying to make the best decision for the health and well-being of your baby. It’s all about the nutrition, right? I remember reading about the importance of starting with vegetables before fruit because once he gets a taste of the sweetness of peaches, no way is he going to be interested in squash, amiright??

The Day Arrives

So enjoy with me the irony of finally arriving at Baby’s First Birthday. The plans are made, the stage is set, the outfit is ironed and the smash cake is in the refrigerator waiting for the Big Reveal. The whole first year has been about making the best, most nutritious choices for your babe’s growing body…and now you take a front row seat to watch your precious one wade face deep into a sugary blue or pink frosted energy bomb. Isn’t this hilarious??? Trust me when I say that the One Year Cake Smash is one of the highlights of my job and I’m lined up just like mom, dad and grandma to record every expression and reaction from your adorable little bean.

Baby girl dives into her cake with abandon

Sugar Free-For-All

Practically every cake smash session follows the same script. When the portraits are done and it’s time for the cake, we all hold our breath as curious baby watches the cake being set in front of her. First she stares at the cake. Then she looks up at mom and dad. ‘Is this for me???’ she’s thinking, as she reaches out a tentative finger to touch the frosting. She eyes mom again, gauging permission, sometimes needing to be coached on the next step (‘it’s ok, try it!’), other times needing no further instruction. Once she understands that there are no ‘NO‘s coming from the parentals, it’s game over as she shovels as much of that sugary frosting in her mouth as she can.

Renley Does the Cake Smash

Renley, one of my Belly to Baby alums, delighted us all at her one year cake smash earlier this summer. Mom, Liz, was sure she was going to know exactly what to do with that cake once she had it in front of her and Ren’s reaction did not disappoint. She went gangbusters and left no part of that cake untouched! Girlfriend wasn’t going to squander this opportunity!!!

Happy 1st birthday, Renley girl! It’s been so amazing watching you grow 💕💕

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