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September 13, 2019

Is your baby not quite sitting independently at 6 months? That’s okay! Not every baby does things on the pediatrician’s timeline but with a 6-9 month baby photography session, you can feel reassured that you’ll still get the adorable sitter shots you were hoping for without worrying that baby isn’t quite ready at that six month mark.

I can’t get enough of these photos from sweet Gaby’s sitter session. I met this family back in the winter when Gaby’s aunt purchased a First Year Milestone Package for her twin sister, Barbara (Gaby’s mom). A first year milestone package includes the newborn session, either posed or lifestyle, a sitter session around six months and a one year birthday session. Whenever a family books this package, I’m overjoyed because it means that I get to follow those clients over time and really develop a relationship with them. It may seem selfish but I get as much out of a photo session as (I hope!) the family does and I love being able to continue the relationship over the course of a year. Check out Gaby’s newborn photos here, they are not to be missed 💕

The six month sitter session ended up being scheduled as a 6-9 month baby photography session because Gaby wasn’t quite sitting up on her own at the six month mark – which is completely fine! I’d much rather have a confident sitter than a babe whose core strength isn’t quite up to holding her upright for the length of a session. Safety comes first in my studio.

Barbara knew she wanted to do Gaby’s photos inside because we were looking at a rough timetable of late August and she wanted to be out of the heat. It ended up being early September on a perfectly gorgeous day 😂but we kept with our original plan and I LOVE the photos we got.

7 month old baby peers up at the camera during her Burtonsville sitter session

Barbara is Puerto Rican and she purchased a hand-stitched dress on her recent trip home for Gaby to wear. The fine detailing was utterly gorgeous and Gaby’s fabulous head of hair looked adorable with a floral headband to complete the look. Later we stripped her down to a pair of white bloomers and tossed some flowers in but Gaby was more interested in the Sesame Street song playing on mom’s phone – can you blame her? Every time the song came on, her little self started grooving and I couldn’t get enough 😍

Baby girl poses in her mother's childhood dress

Her final outfit was a precious blue dress that Barbara herself wore as a child – can I tell you how much I love it when parents incorporate special touches like that??? It makes the photos even more memorable, if that’s possible, and really makes some heirloom quality images.

Thank you so much, Barbara, for bringing your cutie to see me again. I cannot wait for January ❤️

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