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September 27, 2019

This time last year, I took a workshop on posed newborn photography and newborn photography pricing. This was an area of my business that I wanted to focus on and get better at and I wanted to be competitive in the market as well. While I will definitely say that there’s a lot about photography that can be self-taught, something as specific and sought-after as newborn photography is something that is worth investing in. So, I took a workshop and learned a bunch and set to work building that side of my business.

Curious newborn girl is awake for part of newborn photo session

LVP’s Newborn Photography Pricing

Because maternity and newborn photography is a genre that I am invested in and want to build my business around, I have crafted my pricing to incentivize families that want to take advantage of both types of photos. I definitely offer stand-alone maternity photos and newborn photos, both posed and lifestyle, but for those families that know they want images that reflect both of these precious life stages, I offer a package deal which can be found here. Newborn photography pricing shouldn’t be cheap. If you find a photographer whose prices seem too good to be true, maybe keep doing your research.

Making the best pricing choice

Newborn photography pricing that is too inexpensive (I’ll throw out a number like $250) means you have found someone who hasn’t invested in their education, tools of the trades, safety practices, etc. Your newborn is only a newborn for a matter of weeks. If your photographer isn’t who you thought they would be, you could miss your window to capture those tiny fingers and newborn wrinkles. And let’s not even start the conversation about how you could be putting your baby at risk by working with someone who doesn’t know the basics about safety. Please, don’t do that.

Make sure newborn photography pricings captures precious newborn details such as tiny lips and facial features

On the other end of the spectrum, you have your top-of-the-line photographers whose pricing runs into the thousands of dollars. These photographers have worked at their craft for years and years and they probably offer luxury products like wall art, albums and heirloom quality imaging. The pricing you’ll pay is due in large part to their name and their sought-after status. Not everybody has that kind of money but there are definitely clients for this level of photographer.

Liz Viernes Photography falls somewhere in the middle. I am a registered nurse with over fourteen years of experience. My first nine years of nursing were in obstetrics where I worked with postpartum moms and newborn babies. Moms and babes are my absolute favorite to photograph and I have the clinical knowledge as well as the camera skills to safely and artistically capture this precious, fleeting time of your life.

Big sister cuddles newborn baby during newborn photo session

Want an example? Take the case of sweet Ellie. Her family decided to invest in my Belly To Baby package so they would have memories of mom, Julie’s, pregnancy (with plenty of big sister antics to bring the smiles coupled with some loving moments between mom and dad) as well as a dedicated session to capture Ellie’s tiny newness once she arrived. I was delighted to work with this awesome family not once, but twice, and I think they were equally delighted with the experience if Julie’s words in a recent text are anything to go by: “Can’t wait to have our next family photo session with you!”

Reach out anytime for your own session and, in the meantime, enjoy these images of little Ellie! 💗

Liz Viernes Photography is based in Silver Spring, Maryland, and specializes in maternity, fresh 48, posed and lifestyle newborns and first year milestone portraits.

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