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Mommy and Me

May 31, 2019

HAHAHA. I will be the first person to say that, while my intentions were good, I failed epically on getting this mommy and me post published on time. My New Year’s resolution was to get blogs published within a reasonable time frame and I have clearly failed on that too. This session was done in April (hello cherry blossoms) and I wrote this blog three weeks ago (hello Mother’s Day two weeks ago) but didn’t publish it in time so there’s my life for you in a nutshell. Good intentions, sometimes too-little-too-late delivery 🤪 Be that as it may, I worked hard to come up with words – story of a blog life – so I’m still going to use the words even if they’re not quite relevant anymore. Mother’s Day – and the perfect timing for mommy and me photos – will come around again next year and I still will probably be late on whatever blog I need to publish. Thank God it’s not brain surgery or rocket science I’m in charge of, Gah!! So, without further self-castigation, here is my late post…

Mother’s Day is this weekend (nope, still wrong, we already covered that) and I bet there are a lot of husbands and sons scrambling, trying to guess the perfect gift for the important women in their lives. May I suggest a gift certificate to Liz Viernes Photography?? If your wife or mom is anything like me, she is usually the person behind the camera rather than in the shot. Let’s make this right, guys. I’m not trying to make generalizations – and if I was, I would be proven wrong. I have been contacted several times by guys who are taking on the responsibility to get photos done – so far be it for me to say it never happens – but trust that you will look like a hero if you show up to Mother’s Day brunch with the perfect gift in your hand (well, next year, anyway)…a photo session honoring the woman in your life. Go ahead, give her the chance to dress up, put a little make-up on and be documented as the important person that she is.

If you need a little more encouragement, check out my beautiful sister-in-law, Amanda, and my adorable nieces and nephew. Together, Amanda and I took advantage of the cherry blossoms while we had them and now she’s got some sweet photos of herself and her little ducklings to put up on her wall. I love Mommy and Me sessions and the best part is that Mommies do too 💗

Liz Viernes Photography is based in Silver Spring, Maryland, and specializes in maternity, fresh 48, posed and lifestyle newborns and first year milestone portraits.

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