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Cake Smash

January 20, 2019

Alrighty, this is blog #2 of the new year and I’m still on track with my goal of blogging as soon as I deliver a gallery! Check back with me in March to see if I’m still being as diligent as I am right now (no guarantees) but it *was* fun to look back on last year’s goals and see how many of them I accomplished 😜 Henry’s cake smash was such a fun highlight this month!

This little guy and I have a history – he and his family are one of my longest running clients (they did maternity, newborn and six month sessions as well) and it’s such a thrill to follow this tiny little person and see him grow. He’s still got those bright blue eyes but the smile isn’t so gummy anymore. The elephant pillow that we propped him on so carefully at his newborn session now has a confident one year old perched on it and mama definitely wiped away a tear or two during our session. (Not gonna lie, I was feeling the emotions, too!)

It was so cute to watch how Henry chose to deal with this cake smash idea. He was so polite and tentative, kept looking at mom and dad to be sure that he was really allowed to make this cake’s acquaintance! It took him awhile to do more than poke his fingertips in…but then the curiosity of that blue frosting got the best of him and he plowed his way in. Such an adorable boy.

Seasons change, growth happens, babies crawl, walk and then run – but you’ll always have the photos. Happy birthday, Henry! 💙

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