Wintertime Maternity Portraits


October 29, 2023

Today is a stunning autumn day – the sun is shining, the air is warm yet crisp, the leaves are in show-off mode and my inbox is full of requests for wintertime maternity portraits (insert sound of screeching brakes). Fall maternity portraits are very different from wintertime maternity portraits and starting around this time of year, you’ll start to see my enthusiasm for outdoor photo sessions waning.

Come April, I’m kicking up my heels, trotting around like a horse, panting for those golden afternoon rays and beautiful maternal tummies to grace my editing screen. But by the time November lumbers around, I’ve lost my zest for outdoor portraits. The leaves have dropped, the colors have dulled, the ground is cold and damp and my thoughts turn to warm, indoor locales.

So, if you’re reaching out about wintertime maternity portraits, I’ve got you! Just…indoors. Don’t lose heart, though. We can create stunning indoor portraits in the winter – I’ll even give you options!~

Wintertime Maternity Portraits – Dreaming of Home?

An in-home maternity session is so sweet and personal. For those mommas who want to kick back in their loungewear and show off their tummy without onlookers, this is the spot to do it. It’s a great way to do some dreaming about the babe you’re so eagerly anticipating with some whimsical nursery photos. Snuggle up on the bed and cradle that tummy or kick back on the couch and make some lounging memories to enjoy during those long, sleepless newborn nights 🤭

This momma elected to do a milk bath – isn’t she lovely?

wintertime maternity portraits - pregnant mom takes a floral bath

Wintertime Maternity Portraits – Got Foliage On The Mind?

A couple winters ago, when I quit the outdoor wintertime maternity portraits life, I turned to the stunning conservatories that we have in our area. What an an untapped treasure of opportunity! Spring blooms all year round and it’s warm and cozy so no need to worry about the cold or any weather mishaps that might call for a reschedule. I’ve shot at Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore many times but, due to the longer commute and the lighting which is a bit harsh because of their available permit times, it’s no longer my first choice.

These days, I gravitate to the Brookside Gardens Conservatory near Wheaton, MD. The available times are either 9-10am or 4-5pm (this changes to 5-6pm in March), when the lighting is less harsh, and the space is smaller and more intimate, which makes things easier when you have to stick to a one hour permit time. The cost for the permit is $100.

wintertime maternity portraits - warm indoor maternity portraits at Brookside Conservatory

Wintertime Maternity Portraits – A Beautifully Lit Indoor Studio

A third, beautiful option for wintertime maternity portraits is in the studio at Savage Mill. This stunning, naturally-lit studio features old wood plank floors, huge old windows and dreamy sheer curtains that make for artsy, intimate shots. I adore seeing where whimsy takes me every time I’m in the studio. This space just begs for momma to wear a floaty, romantic, floor-draping dress and there’s lots of furniture options we can use to get different looks.

There is a $75 permit fee to shoot in this space.

Pregnant couple takes wintertime maternity portraits in a local, natural-light studio

No matter which location you choose, your wintertime maternity portraits will be every bit as lovely as if we were shooting in the park on a fresh spring day – and no need to bring your winter coat and boots!

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