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August 16, 2022

orchid room at Rawlings Conservatory

Rawlings Conservatory maternity photos are *where it’s at* in the winter. I’ve been frank about this in the past and I will continue to be very truthful about the fact that I HATE BEING COLD. Not only am I a giant weenie about cold in general, from a very practical standpoint, it’s incredibly hard for a photographer to shoot for very long in the bitter wind and cold. My eyes water like a flood and my fingers get so frozen that it’s hard to push the buttons I need to in order to operate my camera. Now, please don’t misunderstand me –> you have it WAY harder than I do, especially if you’re freezing your bare bits in a gorgeous but not-meant-to-be-warm maternity dress and some barely there shoes. You have my full commiseration, *especially* because I’m decked out in my warm winter coat and my earmuffs (I wasn’t lying – I HATE the cold) but you don’t want the quality of your photos compromised because I can’t see what I’m looking at through the tears and I can’t get my focus finger to work pushing the button. Trust me: you want to consider Rawlings Conservatory maternity photos.

Rawlings Conservatory maternity photos

This session was my second time shooting there and, just like the first time (which is on my other hard drive that is not compatible with my new laptop otherwise I would share it also), it was just lovely. Prior to my first session, I had visited before but never with my camera so I wasn’t 100% sure how it would photograph but I had lofty goals and, much to my delight, I feel like we met (exceeded?) those goals.

So…what should you know about Rawlings Conservatory maternity photos? There are a couple of things to note:

maternity pictures at Rawlings Conservatory

1. An application and permit fee are required to book. The earlier we can get that application in, the more likely we are to hear back before your session. If we don’t have a lot of time between the date of the application and the date of your session, it’s likely that we won’t hear back in time as the woman who handles permits is extremely busy and has loads of applications to process at any given time. My first two applications didn’t get a response for about 5-6 weeks so it’s best to Plan Ahead. (ETA: they have since hired another person to handle permitting so the process hopefully will have sped up by winter ’22-’23.)

2. Rawlings is a greenhouse so plan to be in a warm, humid environment. My first visit, I wore a 3/4 sleeved shirt and jeans and I was sweating (granted, I was working) but I don’t want YOU to sweat so consider an outfit that you can feel comfortable in. Husbands should also be warned that a long-sleeved shirt may keep him warmer than he wants to be so choose his outfit with care if he’s a hot-bodied fellow.

Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore, pregnancy photos

3. Photo sessions – at the time of this writing – are held Thursdays-Fridays (10-11AM or 2-3PM) and Saturdays-Sundays (10-11AM or 3-4PM). The nice thing about Rawlings is that these times are when the greenhouse is otherwise closed to the public so there won’t be any strangers in your photos. However this does limit availability so please make sure you can commit to one of these times (and we may need to be flexible and list our first two date/time options on the permit) because there is such a demand for this location.

4. There are several rooms for us to shoot in. My two favorites have lush greenery in one room and exotic orchids in the other. I’ll definitely show up a little early to scout out what’s blooming on the day of your photos and make sure I have a plan to best capture the loveliness of the location. Regardless of which room we choose, Rawlings Conservatory maternity photos are the BEST way to ensure beautiful foliage and warm environment in the middle of a frigid winter!

Maryland maternity photographer at Rawlings Conservatory

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