God’s Timing Is Perfect


July 24, 2022

God’s timing is perfect. Over and over, examples shine at me showing me the truth of this statement and my heart is so full knowing that I can depend on Him to provide the exact right time for everything. Everything. God’s timing is perfect.

God's timing is perfect

My Faith, my precious third born, turned 10 years old today. One of the things I love to do on my children’s birthdays is pull out the series of journals I kept during their youngest years and read aloud the stories of their births. Of course, after reading Faith’s birth story this morning, I kept going because my kiddos were riveted, in hysterics at the tales of their wee selves. It was so sweet to read about my concern that my second born might be my last and to remember the yearning I felt during her final days of nursing to *remember* this precious time because I might not get the chance to experience it ever again. And then to read about the joy I felt when I learned I was expecting #3 and the origin of her name, which came from the faith I had that she was in our future. God’s timing is perfect.

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A dear friend, a sister of mine, is having difficulties in her marriage right now. We connected on the phone today and we spoke of our conviction that God’s timing is perfect…that her husband’s heart will soften and he will return to being the loving, attentive spouse that she yearns for him to be. She cannot change the hurts that he is experiencing, she cannot reverse the brokenness inside of him that is preventing him from being the man God intended for him to be. She can only pray that His will be done and, through the pain and the loneliness, she keeps faith that her husband will come back to her. If you’re reading this, pray for my sister friend. God’s timing is perfect and He hears all things.

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Covid has JUST (this past weekend) hit our house and, while this is something I have been dreading – truly, I have felt the figurative target on my back – I find myself being sooo grateful that it’s happening Right Now. God’s timing is perfect!!!!!!!!!!! He protected us and kept us healthy and well through the worst of the beginning of the pandemic, when it was a life or death scenario. He kept us well through two years of Covid homeschooling. He kept us well through the busiest spring and early summer my photography business has *ever* experienced and He waited until just now, when sessions have eased up tremendously and there are no newborns waiting in the wings for their session, to visit Covid upon us.

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The sessions I do have are easily rescheduled and those clients are graciously understanding of our situation – because we’ve all been there by this point, it seems – and I’m just overwhelmingly silly with gratitude. Not only that but the symptoms we’re experiencing are – at this point, anyway – incredibly mild and tolerable. My son, the only one so far to test positive, has an annoying cough but otherwise feels fine, has an appetite and is carrying on business as usual. My birthday girl tested negative this morning but has the same cough and a runny nose. I’ve been a little headachy and I have a negligibly sore throat. My other daughter has a runny nose and the same barely there sore throat.

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Maybe it’ll get worse, maybe we’ll all feel somewhat terrible before it’s over but we have the luxury of no school and no responsibilities in this particular span of time to let this virus run itself through our house. God’s timing is perfect. This Could Not have come at a better time, thank you Lord.

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And, finally, God’s timing is perfect for the lovely family that has been showcased during this gratitude-filled blog post. Baby Scarlett was so wanted and is the answer to prayer for her parents who welcomed their rainbow baby earlier this summer. She is the perfect example of how the pain of waiting and the sorrow of loss that we, as humans, struggle to understand, can result in the most beautiful of circumstances – all due to God’s perfect, perfect timing.

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