Befores and Afters – Amazing!


February 8, 2022

I don’t know about you but I love seeing befores and afters. It is so satisfying to see an Instagram story that says Tap to Edit with a big circle around it. You know you’re going to see some major changes to an image that already looks pretty cool…but when you see the final product, it’s like WHOA! Mind blown. Befores and afters are basically one of my favorite things in photography and today I want to share some of the awe and wonder with you!

My subject for this blog is going to be the adorable Colston. Poor guy had a major case of newborn acne going on the day of his session. Mom checked in with me beforehand – something I ask of all newborn clients with skin issues, just to make sure that it’s editable – and his skin looked pretty wrecked. I had her rub breastmilk on the blemishes several times the day before the session – which helped, thank you, breastmilk liquid gold – but it didn’t get rid of it, which is where the befores and afters come in.

Macro Shots

Head on Hands

Side Lying

Egg Wrap

Relaxed Baby

It’s important to look past all those blemishes and see the cute baby underneath, which is my whole goal when editing a newborn session. Thank God for Photoshop – am I right???!

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