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March 2, 2021

ideal home for lifestyle photos has white bedding and big windows

The beautiful thing about having been in business for almost 4 years and having lots of content to share on my blog and social media is that, when people seek me out for photography, they generally know what they’re going to get. I’m a light and airy photographer so I strive to produce images that convey that style. A home that has light, neutral decor and lots of windows is going to reflect my style a lot better than a home with dark walls, dark furniture and very little natural window light. People know what they’re going to get when they book me because my style attracts the clients who are looking for what I deliver. Therefore I feel pretty confident that those clients who reach out about doing photos at home are going to have an ideal home for lifestyle photos!

ideal home for lifestyle photos has lots of natural light

I have actually never had a client with green walls contact me. Not that there’s anything wrong with green walls – lots of people love color (I’m one of them) but in my photography work, I prefer the clean look of white and other neutral colors. The clients with green walls who are seeking a photographer will search for someone who has a lot of bright, vibrant color in their portfolio and the clients who love the light and airy style will not 😂 It’s so amazing that what I’ve been told by basically every photography mentor I’ve ever had is true: show what you like and attract what you show. That’s why every client I’ve ever had (since I established myself as a light and airy photographer) has had an ideal home for lifestyle photos.

white crib in ideal home for lifestyle photos

Kennedy’s parents were no different. Their home was absolutely ideal for lifestyle photos…let me show you!

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