Gorgeous Dress and Beautiful Light


September 16, 2020

I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVEN’T BLOGGED MY FRIEND CHRISSY’S MATERNITY SESSION FROM *LAST AUGUST*. Sorry for the screaming. It’s just that I was looking for her blog post to show a prospective client not only what to wear but also how beautiful Woodlawn Manor is…and I couldn’t find it. That’s when I realized I hadn’t blogged it yet and had a heart attack and immediately cleared room on my calendar to get that corrected. Reason? Well, because you have to see this gorgeous dress and beautiful light (and my friend and her sweet family and her adorable baby bump which, by the way, has somehow turned into 10 month old Peter 😬). I did, however, blog Peter’s Fresh 48 session, so I’m not a completely terrible person. Only mostly 😉😂 (j/k).

I’ve talked about Chrissy before. She’s my photography bestie and the one I swap photo sessions with on the regular, which is a pretty sweet deal, especially because she’s soooo good at what she does. I can’t remember if she asked me to take her maternity photos or if I BEGGED her to let me do them. Doesn’t matter. I just knew she’d be the perfect model to show off the best way to dress for a maternity session. Let me tell you about the gorgeous dress and beautiful light we found.

Chrissy knows what looks good in front of a camera. When she texted me that she had chosen a flowy blue dress with a lot of swing to it, I was naturally excited. I always encourage my maternity clients to dress up because it’s not every day that you’re photographing your pregnancy – it should be epic, right? Then the light, oh my goodness, the light. We shot at Woodlawn Manor, which is a regular shooting location of mine. The ownership has changed hands and the new owners have let the place go a little, sadly, but it’s still a beautiful property with gorgeous old trees that filter the light so perfectly. Add in the long, stately driveway and the pasture filled with ambling horses that meander in and out of the shots, and it’s just an altogether dreamy place for a maternity shoot. But the magic of the location isn’t complete without the gorgeous dress and beautiful light. For Chrissy’s session, we had it all. Want to see?

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