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February 25, 2020

Newborn girl rests in beautiful nursery decor

Something that makes my heart sing as a newborn photographer is the opportunity to document the beautiful nursery decor that parents work so hard on in the months prior to welcoming their sweet new baby. Often decorating the nursery is a way to bond with the incoming family member and it’s such a fun way to nest and plan and envision the future with your sweet little baby. I remember, with our first, wanting a super neutral nursery. I didn’t want the traditional pink or blue theme anywhere in my house. I was vehemently opposed to pink, lacy newborn outfits (we had learned we were having a girl, though we probably should’ve kept the gender as a “surprise” because he ended up being a boy 🤣- I’ll tell you the story if you ask me) and thankfully we painted the nursery a really light yellow because that would’ve been a pickle to bring our baby boy home to a baby girl’s nursery – eeeesh.

crib shots of newborn baby girl

Not that I have anything against pink…I should probably put that disclosure out in the beginning because this next family had pink as a central theme in their nursery and OMG. I was in love with her beautiful nursery decor!!! They painstakingly, and with great love (and maybe a teensy bit of aggravation), stenciled a black and white pattern on the crib wall – and I was obsessed with it. Usually black is a big no-no for a light and airy photographer but this wall was so pretty and classy and SUCH a statement piece. Paired with long, glamorous blush-colored curtains and tons of beautiful natural light, I was in awe of this extremely sophisticated, really feminine baby girl’s bedroom. I’ll say that we started in this room and ended in this room 😂it had that much wow factor.

mom and baby sit in beautiful nursery decor

Not just the nursery was amazing though – this family was super sweet and their little boy – Oh My Goodness. Well, just take a look at the photos…for sure a little boy that handsome can’t behave as beautifully as he photographs, right? Wrong. He was chatty and outgoing and followed directions really quite wonderfully. And before you think I’m making up fairytales, I will say that he took little breaks here and there, as any self-respecting three-year-old must, to reinforce himself with fuel and grandparental doting, but every time we called him back to take part in the photos, he was there with the charm.

Thank you, Neepa and Nilay, for inviting me into your home to photograph this extremely precious time. I would love to see you back whenever ❤️

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    Oh wow! Such a beautiful nursery! &family!

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