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Fresh 48

March 11, 2019

Along with my new association with local labor and postpartum doula Brittney Riddick of Destination Baby, comes a new offering from Liz Viernes Photography: Fresh 48 sessions!

Newborn baby lays on white hospital bed during Fresh 48 photo session

A fresh 48 session is a different type of newborn photography done in the hospital within the first two days of a baby’s arrival! Using natural window light and the hospital surroundings, this session documents the brand newest of new tiny features on the precious life you’ve just brought into the world. Itty bitty fingers, drying umbilical cords, hospital bands and all, nothing is overlooked because all of the moments are begging to be remembered!

Wrinkly newborn hands are a popular Fresh 48 capture

Liz Viernes Photography is  available for Fresh 48 sessions at Howard County General Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital, MedStar Montgomery Medical Center (formerly known as Montgomery General Hospital), Anne Arundel Medical Center, Sibley Memorial, Shady Grove Medical Center, St. Agnes Hospital, University of Maryland Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Hospital and more. If you don’t see your hospital listed, please reach out and inquire.

Tiny newborn toes wrapped in hospital blankets

Because this is a brand new LVP offering, I thought I’d share with you some tips to get the most out of your Fresh 48 session!

  1. Schedule well in advance, if possible – It’s a great idea to get in touch with me as soon as you decide that you want to do Fresh 48 photos. For most mommas, that happens in your second trimester and I will schedule you based on your due date so that I know to save a spot for you in my calendar. For those moms who don’t decide until the day before you deliver – reach out anyway! I still want to hear from you and will try my hardest to accommodate you because those real life, emotional moments in the first days of your baby’s life are fleeting and you’ll want to remember them!
  2. Plan to look like real life – I think some moms push themselves too hard to bounce back after delivery and that’s just not realistic. I know that I personally was puffy and swollen after I delivered my babies and truthfully?? I love looking back and remembering myself at that time! Your body just did something amazing. Embrace it! The photos I take will be documentary in style and no one’s expecting you to look like a Real Housewife. Feel free to pack a (neutral colored) nightgown or bathrobe that you will feel good in and something that’s nursing friendly if you want breastfeeding photos and, sure, maybe shower that day, but otherwise be your postpartum warrior self. *I* will think you are beautiful.
  3. Be prepared to let whatever happens, happen – this type of photo session is completely unscripted. Unless you tell me you specifically want posed, looking-at-the-camera shots, just plan to forget that I’m even there. I’ll prioritize shots of the baby in the bassinette, documenting teeny fingers and toes and noses and eyelashes, of course, but whatever else happens is up to how the day is going. Will there be big siblings there? We’ll let natural events unfold. Does dad end up climbing into bed with you to gaze at your sweet baby’s face together? I’ll back into the corner and be a fly on the wall. My goal is to document this sweet time in a way that will bring it all back whenever you look at your photos. Nothing else is important in that moment.
  4. Ask your visitors to schedule around your fresh 48 session – I will want to document the immediate family only, if possible. That’s the best way to preserve this precious, intimate time. A revolving hospital door will just be chaos.
  5. A bright, naturally lit room is a priority – I have a flash I can use but I’d rather not. I’ll ask you to pay attention the first day you’re on the Postpartum Unit and pay attention to the time when your room gets the brightest natural light (I’ll turn off the room lights when I get there). That’s when I’ll want to visit you for photos.

My friend Rachel was nice enough to schedule the birth of her 5th baby to coincide PERFECTLY with this announcement (that Rachel, always thinking of others ❤️). To give you an idea of what your photos could look like, Liam’s Fresh 48 is first on the docket! Welcome to the world, Liam!!

If you enjoyed Liam’s fresh 48 photos, take a peek at cutie Maverick’s posed newborn session in my Burtonsville, MD, studio!

Liz Viernes Photography is based in Silver Spring, Maryland, and specializes in maternity, fresh 48, posed and lifestyle newborns and first year milestone portraits.

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