It’s too cold and I don’t wanna


January 19, 2021

It's too cold and I don't wanna but I will for this baby in yellow dress on white bed

Alright, I’m in the midst of my January doldrums. It’s too cold and I don’t wanna – all the things. I was about to ask if anyone else gets this way in the winter but then I realized that probably most people feel this way. It’s cold out, lots of days are dreary and cloudy, the kids won’t go outside so we’re all on top of each other with the endless nagging and bickering and ugh. I’m over it. It’s too cold and I don’t wanna.

It's too cold and I don't wanna but I will for this baby in pink dress and matching bow

I’m sort of feeling that way about photography…a little bit (shh, calm down – it’s temporary and there’s a solution – keep reading). I’m getting lots of inquiries about outdoor sessions and – I’m putting this out there for all the world to see – it’s too cold and I don’t wanna. I LOVE maternity sessions – but I don’t want to shoot them out in 30 degree weather. I adore parents and their three month old babies but it’s too chilly to expect the baby (OR the three month old, for that matter) to be down with the plan. Outdoor sessions have been, are, and always will be on pause for me from mid-December until March – until I move somewhere warm. I *might* consider a March session if it’s 50 degrees and sunny but if not, it’s too cold and I don’t wanna. (Sorry.)

mama tickles baby on white bed

I know there are all sorts of brave, tough Maryland photographers who get super excited about shooting a snow session and who rave about “that beautiful winter light” (I also have been known to do this but please notice the careful documentation of the temp that evening) but, alas, I am not one of them. I’m a weenie who likes my hot coffee next to the blazing fire and preferably a puppy in my lap while I read my book.

photo collage of baby in pink dress, studio sitter session

Just a sec, though. Remember up above when I promised that there was a solution? Here it comes. One year ago, almost to the day, I opened up my new studio. It’s in the basement of my home and It. Is. Everything. The studio allows me to continue shooting even as the cold winter winds blow outside. I crank up my high-efficiency mini-split to 75 degrees and we JAM down there. I’m typically sweating by the middle of the session but my baby clients are serene and happy and that’s what matters to me.

7 month old girl in yellow dress photo collage

Sweet Lorelei came for her sitter session last week (she’s one of my First Year Membership babies and you can see her newborn session here) and I wasn’t saying “It’s too cold and I don’t wanna,” I was singing and chirping and doing squats to get these cute smiles out of her sweet face (ok, mom was back there too, doing most of the smile work, gotta be honest) and I loooove what we got from her session. So don’t despair, mommas. We can get past this yucky, cold weather. Just bring me your baby and we’ll shoot a clean, bright, white session down in my warm studio. We’ll get those memories and then do a beach session in June. Deal? Deal.

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