David’s Senior Session | Columbia, MD


April 24, 2018

When an inquiry for a senior session comes through my email, I do a little happy dance. I love photographing graduating high school seniors.

Graduating high school senior poses on highway overpass

I know David’s family through the Hawaiian community where my husband and two of our children dance hula. Back in the fall, David’s mom, Caryn, approached me about doing David’s photos in the spring and I, of course, was ecstatic for the opportunity – senior photography is one of my favorites! There’s something about capturing a young adult just on the cusp of independence that appeals to me so much. I’m always surprised by what I learn from these kid-dults. I usually am either meeting them for the first time or have mainly just interacted with their parents on an adult level while watching them do their adolescent thing from afar.

Graduating high school senior plays ukulele by Columbia, MD, waterfront

Each senior that I have had the privilege to photograph has impressed me – and David is no exception. Over the 3+ years that I have “known” him, he has grown in maturity as well as stature from a young teenager to a mature high school soon-to-be-graduate. He’s well-spoken and has plans for the future and really is just a nice person to be around. I’ve said this before and I know I’ll say it again – my brain still thinks it’s fresh out of high school because I always have such an enjoyable time hanging out with my seniors and, maybe, hopefully they don’t even hate our time together 😂 (or maybe I have too much fun and they’re over there being nice but feeling sorry for me, thinking, come on, lady, let’s get a move on, I do have a life outside this, you know…).

Anyway, take a look at this handsome young man. Oh, and if you’re free on May 19th, check out the end-of-the-year performance that David, his mom and 3/5 of my immediate family (not to mention all the non-immediate but just as important family, including an unborn niece or nephew 💜) will be performing in here!

Thanks, David and Caryn, for the privilege of shooting David’s senior session!

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